Gift Art!

Gift Art!

This is the page where I'll be putting the lovely Gift Art I recieve from Fans and Artists for my comic Cats, Dogs, Boys & Other Pets.


Merry X-mas! From Saya and Haruko, by Rulo of M9 Girls!

Saya and Haruko under the Christmas tree!


And another Saya, this one by Bizarremoon of Blacktail and Marz.



Here's Saya being her usual cheeky self.Cornelia the author of Hellcephira was kind enough to send me this lovely piece.

Saya being Saya



Here's Saya by MK Wizard of MK's Jekyl and Hyde


Saya byMK Wizard


Here's the first offering by SharpyTheYellowKirby of I'm Not Your Friend!

I'm Not Your Friend by SharyTheYellowKirby

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